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RingSafe is the simplest product that could just save your marriage

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Great product for a mechanic!

Since I am a mechanic, I cannot wear my ring when I'm working on a car. It's a safety issue and I don't want to damage the ring either. With my RingSafe, I just snap my ring in ans it hangs from my neck until I'm finished with work. Very easy to put the ring in and take it back out. Before I got my RingSafe I would put my ring through my chain which was a pain in a**.

- James Kobeszko
So handy!

I keep this on my key ring as a secure place for my engagement ring when I'm hiking with my dog or getting my nails done. I actually disagree with previous reviews about the look - I love the sleek, minimalist style. Probably because I prefer to keep it on my key ring as opposed to a necklace. Could not be happier with the purchase - so much piece of mind! Five stars for sure

- Stevie
What a great idea and stellar product!

I wear a family heirloom and it makes me nervous everyday. I'm terrified I'm going to lose the dang thing. I had heard about this product and loved the idea. However, I was a little concerned it would actually hold my ring safely - but it does! I did every test known to man when it arrive (I even did this weird helicopter move over my head). I'm really impressed. It not only looks awesome when you are wearing it but it's actually practical and effective. Great concept and execution!

- Katey F

About RingSafe

RingSafe is the simplest product that could just
save your marriage.

Whether you've just misplaced or truly lost your wedding band - the ring can be replaced, but the sentiment and meaning that go with it are irreplaceable.

RingSafe is the elegant & simple solution for ring-wearers who periodically need to remove their ring for work or play. This modern accessory quickly secures your ring to a chain or key-ring, keeping your ring close to your heart but safe from wear & tear.

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