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400+ Marriages Worldwide Improved - RingSafes Shipped!

Posted by Kirsten Knipp

Last month, my husband, also my business partner, and I were up late one night but exhilarated as we packaged over 400 RingSafes bound for couples throughout the world.

Finding Fun in the Everyday

We may have been doing mundane work, but it's pretty fun to be able to do it alongside your life-partner.  I won't claim that we haven't had a few tense moments because we want everything to be perfect - but it's also very validating to share that a project like this in both it's small and big moments can build up your relationship. We've laughed quite a lot and I know we'll take great pride in toasting that final Kickstarter shipment that will indicate we're moving from a prototype to selling for real (on this website:).

Protecting Relationships Everywhere

Shipping isn't all that fun - the labels, the postal codes, the stickers and inventory can get tedious - but it is so amazing to see the addresses from all over.  While 70% of our Kickstarter backers have been US based, of our nearly 100 international supporters, we've seen the greatest interest in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore while Malaysia and Norway were our unique countries. I just can't wait till we see an order from Zimbabwe or Papua New Guinea - yes, I want us to help couples everywhere!

Getting Our Launch On with Your Help

Many of you have asked, what happens after Kickstarter? Well, it's already started. Though it's been slow … we are steadily getting visitors and buyers on our website, selling a few RingSafes a week - even without marketing. Now that we have inventory to ship, we are going to open up the marketing funnel and ask for your help spreading the word.

All our Kickstarter backers and early site visitors got their 10% off promo codes … and we'll probably do a few other special promotions in the coming holiday season to learn what our wearers care about.

How can you help? Well, thanks for asking 

Every mention is a great help - share this post and our website with your friends. Consider buying a RingSafe as a wedding gift or shower gift for the next friend who's wedding you attend. Get one for your dad, your gal pal who's a doctor or anyone in your life who wants to protect their relationships and their precious rings.

Got a question, ask it here or contact us via FacebookTwitter or our contact us page here!