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​7 Clever Christmas Gifts for Doctors & Nurses

Posted by Kirsten Knipp

It seems as soon as we pass our 30th birthday we all become difficult to shop for - we have most of what we NEED and if we are fortunate, we’ll usually buy the things we really want. The same holds true for medical professionals who are short on free time for hobby gifts and whose work day to day leaves little room for personal flair. After talking to several friends in the profession, including nurses, dentists and anesthesiologists, we’ve put together a short list of things to consider for your doctor or nurse this holiday.

Tried and True Medical Professional Gifts

Nearly every person we chatted with recounted a time when they got some sweet wearable gear or a welcome caffeine fix from friends or family. Here are some gifts that are sure to hit the mark.

Customized Medical Coat

If your doc works in a practice where he or she doesn’t have to wear the facility logo, a nice, tailored and monogrammed medical coat would make a great impression. These coat options from Medelita even come with different necklines to make the once clunky lab coat a bit more elegant and comfortable.

Scrubs from Grey’s Anatomy

Ever wonder how the cast of Grey’s manages to look hot in their scrubs? They don’t wear just any brand, they prefer Blue Sky Scrubs (a local Austin company). Check out the selection for cuts and colors that are flattering and super comfy. People swear by them!

Clogs with Personality

We’ve all seen them. The standard black or brown clog worn by a nurse or a chef … well it turns out that the number one brand Dansko is also making them in super fun colors and patterns (more for women than men - but a bit of both). Wearing these shoes daily is healthier than a normal shoe, but it can get old, so why not increase variety for your loved one!?

Hand Lotions for Him & Her

I don’t know anyone that washes their hands more than medical professionals, well, maybe some of our OCD friends (but that’s their choice). Think your guy won’t want a hand cream? This guy-worthy looking brand has amazing reviews - Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer - try it! It’s a lot easier to get a fun and fragrant lotion for ladies, but one that tops the list of medical blogs is Neutrogena with Aveda and L’Occitane making up the honorable mentions.

Caffeine Infusion - Gift Certificates

Working in a high intensity environment like an ER or even odd hours like many anesthesiologists can lead to a need, a need for speed - caffeine that is. You can never go wrong with a nice generous gift certificate to a favorite local coffee shop (or if you don’t know their hood - Starbucks is pretty prevalent:). Austin locals, there is a Texan-owned Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf just next to Seton - just sayin’!

New or Unique Stocking Stuffers to Try

Keep Their Ring Close at Heart

Most medical professionals can’t wear much, if any, jewelry when they are practicing. Imagine trying to pull a surgical glove over a wedding ring - even a thicker band - without ripping it and risking both patient and staff safety. Some of the most popular uses of RingSafe are to wear an engagement or wedding band on a chain around the neck under scrubs when practicing. Not only is the ring safe and clean, but it’s truly as close to your heart as it can get!

Donation to Doctors without Borders

Does your healer truly have everything? I bet that they still wish they could do more, so why not help them expand their medical reach to those who are less fortunate and don’t have the amazing medical resources we enjoy? Not for profits like Doctors without Borders all offer great ways to give in honor or in celebration of someone - I can’t imagine a caregiver who wouldn’t love to share the gift of health this holiday.

We’ll share some more gift ideas for other professions in the coming days to help you in that last minute rush to the holidays! Remember, international shipments usually need to go out the second week of December to arrive in time and domestic should ideally go out before December 18th to be safe! Happy Holidays!