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Christmas Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Christmas Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Posted by Kirsten Knipp

True. Your favorite couple did just get married and in most cases they got lots of great gifts for their wedding … but they are still on your Christmas list, so - what to do?

Newlyweds seem like a riddle since many wishes were just fulfilled. There are however several things that brides and grooms don’t anticipate which, a few months into their wedded bliss, will be no-brainers. Since John and I tied the knot just last year, we’ve figured out a few items we would have loved.

Wedding ‘Candids’ Album

One thing that we really missed at our wedding was getting to see every laugh, every hug and enjoying every single moment with all our friends and family. There are just too many amazing moments to go around on the night that felt like the fastest of our lives - for us to enjoy or for our pro photographer to capture.

We LOVED seeing candid pictures that friends posted to Facebook. They were like secret portals into our own magical story … what we wouldn’t give for a master compilation of every candid out there to help reflect on more happy memories. If you attended a wedding and took really good snaps, try to gather some more from other friends and surprise the couple with those ‘outtakes’ they didn’t even know existed. They will be cherished.

Everyday Monogrammed Stationery

Many couples use their wedding printer to create wedding-themed thank you cards. But few invest in a set of everyday stationery with their unified names that can be used for thank yous, letters or even love notes. My sister-in-law once gave me beautiful monogrammed stock that I still love and use and I’d love to have the same for us as a couple. It’s a beautiful splurge that most won’t treat themselves to until a few years in … why not help them feel every bit as official!

Joint Mailing Label Stamp

This is one item that I wish we had registered for … because we forgot to have our thank you envelopes printed with a return address. You got it, that means we hand wrote 70+ envelopes. Ouch. Expand that to the holiday season - this time we thankfully have a stamp - and you can imagine how handy a little pre-inked stamper would be. Super fun gift that you can make simple or style to be a bit more ornate.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Before I had my engagement and wedding rings, I admit, I really didn’t clean my jewelry much (if ever). I think I had several of those super soft cloths that never seem to do the trick. Next I upgraded to the liquid, but it turns out I am allergic to the solution. So what’s next? We definitely need a little ultrasonic jewelry cleaner - they range from $30-$100 or so - to clean both my and John’s rings far better than I can with a brush. Some ladies may already have this gadget, but most don’t (I’ve asked).

Ring Protection Accessory

Not only do 4 in 10 men lose their rings, but most ring loss for both men and women happens within the first few years of being married. Why? Habit. Or lack thereof.

Most newlyweds are pretty new to wearing a ring all the time. The ladies have worn cocktail rings or fun stuff off and on. Most gents have never worn a ring at all, unless they lettered in a sport, and find that it’s an awkward feeling or gets in the way when they are doing everyday things like play basketball and golf or even typing on a computer. Several co-workers I know take their rings off when they are laptop cranking because the weight throws them off (at least that’s their story:). Getting a RingSafe now, we’ve got a RingSafe bundle for couples, is a great way to ensure that newlyweds keep their rings protected always.

Gift Cards to Any Registry Store

This last one may seem counterintuitive, but it’s not. Anyplace your newlyweds have registered is a place they are likely to shop again. Let’s say that they didn’t get ALL of their requested items - you can help them out. Better yet, what if they break a plate or glass? You can save them the argument by ensuring they can easily replace a favorite item without too much stress.

You can always just default to your normal buying patterns for your beloved sister, brother, daughter, son, cousin or whomever. The only thing to stay away from is any gift that might pressure them to start a family, buy a house or do anything that’s a big commitment that should be between them - not you.

The first year of marriage is pretty sweet. Things that you didn’t think would change do, while others surprisingly stay the same. I can say that for us it’s even better than our eight years together as an unmarried couple - regardless of any gifts!