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Common Wedding Ring Mistakes

Common Wedding Ring Mistakes

Posted by Kirsten Knipp

This is a guest post by Jeriann Watkins who blogs at She currently writes about her own wedding planning, craft business, and love for wine. Check out her twitter account for fun ramblings of all kinds.

When it comes to wedding planning, the rings seem like a simple task to take care of. It’s a one-time thing: find rings, buy them, done. But like a lot of the small aspects of weddings, finding the perfect rings can be stressful. Here are the most common wedding ring mistakes that couple make and how to avoid them.

Not Knowing Your Ring Size

If you’re looking in jewelry shops for your rings, the first thing you should do is be sized. This is actually recommended even if you’re buying your rings online. There are some great online ringsizers available, but some companies use proprietary sizing formulas. So it’s best to be sized professionally and confirm that the place you are purchasing your rings from uses a standard scale. This will prevent you from having to send back your rings for resizing or replacement.

Feeling Trapped in Tradition

Lots of people today don’t wear a lot of jewelry. They’ve never spent a large amount on a ring, and they might feel like they have to spend a certain amount or that they’re limited to diamonds. Luckily, it’s your wedding, your marriage, and your hand, so your options are only as limited as your imagination. If you want your engagement band to have gemstones, or even no stones, that’s what you should get. Heck, you could even skip the ring altogether and put that money toward a mortgage payment or a fancy honeymoon. Think about what will make you happy and go for it- after all, it’s your hand that this ring is going on.

Being Intimidated by the Long Term

Ring shopping can be overwhelming because it’s a piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing and looking at every day for the rest of your life. That’s pretty daunting. But the future holds a lot of options. If you choose a simple wedding band, you can always add to it in the future, or upgrade on an anniversary. Don’t feel like you have to choose something that you’ll like forever; if you do, that’s great, but the trend of adding to wedding bands is growing, meaning that your ring can evolve with you.

Focusing Too Much on Cost

Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding or getting married at the Courthouse, getting married comes with a lot of expenses. You may be moving in together or to a new house entirely. You’re also combining finances, which can be time consuming. If you require the services of a financial advisor, those fees can add up. Not to mention taking time off work for planning, a honeymoon, and running errands to get name changes done, finances in order, and countless other tasks. While it’s important to know your financial situation and how your finances will be affected by your marriage, it’s also important to remember finances are only one aspect. If you think about the ring in terms of cost per wear, and you wear your ring every day for the next 30 years, it starts to seem less extravagant.

On the other hand, there are a lot of old-fashioned “rules” about how much you should spend on a ring. Some say 3 months’ worth of your salary. Some say a certain percentage of wedding costs. Ignore all of these and find rings that you and your partner identify with. The cost is the least important part of the ring.

Ring shopping can be daunting, but if you avoid these mistakes, you’ll end up with rings that you and your partner love. Best of all, you’ll avoid the stress that comes with listening to what others say you need. When you focus on what you want instead of following rules or pleasing others, you’ll be much happier.