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Honeymooners: Don't Lose Your Ring Like Jenny McCarthy Did!

Posted by Kirsten Knipp

Wedding season is fast approaching, in fact, my Pinterest and Facebook feeds are full of beautiful images of florals, dresses and all the dreamy things that make up our wedding days.  The best part?  After all that fun (and the stress of planning), there's a honeymoon somewhere that you and your spouse get to enjoy each other uninterrupted.

The one thing you don't want to worry about on your honeymoon - losing the precious ring that just sealed your vows.

Top Place Wedding Rings Get Lost - The Honeymoon

Last year we surveyed hundreds of people to find out whether they had ever lost their ring and for those who had, we learned about their professions and how they lost their rings. The common thread, both ladies and gents were most likely to lose their ring within the first few months of wearing it and often on their honeymoon.

Jenny McCarthy and new hubby Donnie Wahlberg learned that the hard way last fall after their beautiful nuptials. They didn't lose the ring in the pool or ocean, which was the most common for our survey respondents. In fact, they lost it at their bedside while fully enjoying their honeymoon.

Luckily for Jenny, she and Donnie are good sports. She quipped "I’m missing it today! I keep going, 'Where is my ring?' But Donnie and I are both laughing that at least we lost it for the best reason possible!"  Eventually, the couple found the ring in the hotel laundry, but who wants to go through that on their honeymoon?

Best Ways Not to Lose Your Wedding Ring on Your Honeymoon

There are a lot of ways to keep your ring secure on your honeymoon, including:

  • Don't take it off. Easier said than done. When we asked newlyweds why they take their rings off, it comes down to a few reasons: they aren't used to it, it's sized incorrectly, it rubs and causes pain or they are afraid to damage it during an activity. If you can avoid taking it off, great. If not, the rest of the list might just help.
  • Put it in the exact same place every time. Some folks swear by location. 95% of the time that will work, it's the 5% of the time when you are travelling or snorkeling or somehow unable to put it in that 'same' place that you'll risk losing the ring. So be cautious if that's your method.
  • Put it somewhere truly secure. That could be in a safe, in a jewelry case or on a RingSafe that's attached to you or to a keyring or bag that you might put in a locker.

Whatever you decide, if you are getting married or are attending a wedding soon - do the bride and groom a favor and get them a RingSafe to reduce the chance that they lose their most precious rings too!