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Stylish, Useful & Fun Gifts for Father’s Day 2015

Stylish, Useful & Fun Gifts for Father’s Day 2015

Posted by Kirsten Knipp

Though we may not think Dad’s really need more socks or ties, it turns out, they are statement pieces that men rarely buy for themselves (sort of like ladies and scarves). Along with some fun and awesome style gifts, I’m sharing a few of my favorite items culled from the top gift guides of this year. Many ideas come from small businesses like ours - so if you see something you like - consider shopping small this Father’s Day!

Style with Utility

Dressing your Dad from top to toe is easy when you don’t have to sweat the sizing - accessories y’all! These five options are modern takes on a classic and a few even do good while they help him look good.

Panama Hat

We all know the classic fedora is back - partly thanks to hipsters and partly because it’s a classic. Whether your guy fancies himself Sean Connery or a bit more modern look, you can help Dad protect his noggin from the summer sun with the original classic. There are low cost versions all over the interwebs - but if you want to get him something that’s a bit special, then Brent Black’s Panama Hats which are fair trade imported from Ecuador are a must consider (you can learn a ton about it on his site).

Warby Parker Sunglasses

My hubby needs new sunglasses every few years (or every time he loses them). If you haven’t heard of Warby Parker, their’s is a pretty cool story with rapid growth. They give a free pair of prescription glasses to a person in need every time they sell a pair. With lots of men’s sunglass styles and a very flexible ordering model - at $95 each you almost can’t go wrong.


Getting your own Dad out of the doghouse is something for which he’ll be forever grateful. If he works with his hands or does a lot of sports where he needs to take off his ring, ensuring he doesn’t forget or lose it with RingSafe is a great way to help him out this year and for many to come.

Stylebox from the TieBar

We often wish Dad didn’t have to wear a tie - but some jobs and occasions just demand it - and weirdly, some men love them! So, if your Dad’s in either camp, getting him a Stylebox that includes ties and pocket squares from Chicago’s TieBar is a great way to ensure his style is current and appropriately matched.

Ankle Swagger

Two years ago I got a sockscription’ to these fancy foot warmers for John (my hubby and RingSafe inventor), who arguably doesn’t have a need for fancy socks. The random joy he gets from donning a new pair of swank socks when we head out on a date night or to a party is quite fun - and I can guarantee he’d never buy anything but utilitarian socks if left to his own devices.

Fun & Entertainment


This brand was a customer at my last job and we loved sending ManCrates as gifts to our own clients who helped us out. Each box is like a little dude-fest of snacks and hilarity bound up in a wooden crate. It’s the ultimate alternative to a gift basket with options ranging from grill or bar gear (like this lovely whiskey crate) to zombie preparedness (what every man needs).  Pssst - they are even running a contest to win you and Dad tix to Oktoberfest! Check it on the Facebooks:)

The Whiskey Connoisseur Crate was just a couple proofs away from being named The Whiskey Sean Connerysseur Crate.

Yeti Cooler

The ultimate cooler, an Austin original, YETI makes one that is bear-proof, along with a series of coolers that really do keep your Dad’s beer cold on a hot summer day whether he’s tailgating or camping. This is a bit of an investment piece we are sure your father or hubby will use for years.

Foosball Table

Game rooms and man caves have become so common, it’s great that some of boys favorite childhood game tables are starting to be made in ‘home use’ size and price. This foosball table has great reviews and showed up on several lists - so clearly, that’s sayin’ something.

Metal Yard or Man Cave Sign

Whether your Dad or husband’s personal hang out space is indoors or out, adorning the space with a sign about his town or favorite sports team is just one more way to make it feel complete. Here in Austin, Cool Stuff has a backyard full of sweet signs (that this picture just doesn’t do justice). Though I haven’t found a great place to buy them online - they are cool, affordable and local (if you’re reading it here in town:).

With just about four weeks to go, now is the time to figure out what the dads in your life might enjoy and order it before the last minute rush. Happy Shopping!