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Tennis Anyone? How not to lose your ring on the court

Tennis Anyone? How not to lose your ring on the court

Posted by Kirsten Knipp

Summer brings us lazy days by the pool and heated tennis matches - playing them or watching them at Wimbledon and beyond.  In both cases, there's high potential for damage or loss of a wedding band or cherished ring (let's not even talk about wearing earrings).

What to do with your ring when you play tennis?

If you're like famed British tennis sensation Andy Murray, you keep it close. He ties it to his shoe.

You can imagine that we're not big fans of that solution since it can leave your ring at risk of being accidentally trampled or scratched in a heated volley, but to each their own.

Other common but precarious ring safety solutions include:

  • Tying your ring to the drawstring inside of your gym shorts. Alas, a good friend lost his ring that way not long ago and has since opted for two RingSafes - one in his gym bag and one on his keychain.
  • Putting a loose ring in your gym bag or purse. While this seems like a fine idea, we hear too many stories of a hole in the bag or dumping the purse out to look for it and losing it in the process. 
  • Stashing the ring on the hook in your gym locker. This is a little bit too visible from a theft standpoint and can also result in a ring falling between the cracks of the locker and going missing.
  • Leaving your wedding band in the coffee holder in your car. This is one of the better ad hoc solutions, but still leaves it vulnerable to theft or forgetfulness.
  • Wearing your ring while you work out. There are some sports where this is just a plain bad idea - tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, baseball, golf and swimming among them. If you wear a glove, get your hands wet or are at risk of a jammed and swollen finger - take your ring off - you'll be safer and happier.

We love seeing folks out and about making the most of summer and hope that you take proper care of your ring and your hands ... whether with RingSafe or your own hack for keeping it safe.  

Tell us what you do when you are sporting but can't sport your ring and get entered for a chance to wing a RingSafe Duo Bundle!