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Unique Fitness Gifts Under $50

Unique Fitness Gifts Under $50

Posted by Kirsten Knipp

Every year we torture ourselves guessing and googling the answer to the age old question: what do you get the fitness buff who has everything!? Frankly, you could play mad libs here and make it what do you get the {_____} who has everything, right!? Given our mindset of fit, married couple, I thought I’d research and share a few unique gift ideas for the healthy folks in your lives.

Rather than go with the classics you’ll find in every online mag, I’ve got two sections - things you can get now from local Austin companies and things that are just getting started on Kickstarter so you and your giftee are in the know on the hottest new gear. I’ve intentionally stayed away from pricey electronics, so hopefully this short list of ‘off the beaten running path’ items helps you find something useful and affordable for your fitness minded guy or gal!

Get it from Austin in time for the Holidays!

Go Hands-Free with Austin Invented SPIBelt

While jogging with her key tucked into her bra top Kim Overton, inventor of SPIBelt kept thinking, “there's got to be a better way”. As many loyal wearers now know, she went home that day and assembled the first sleek, no-bounce small personal item belt. Guys and gals alike that run with keys, smartphones and credit cards know that the silly, tiny pockets in your shorts just aren’t cutting it.

Worn by fit folks globally, SPIbelt™ is now a trusted and heavily reviewed brand people turn to when looking for a simple and secure means to carry their small personal items (except maybe their rings … we’ve got something for ya there;)

Starting at $19.99, SPIBelt is a serious white elephant contender!

Avoid the Sweaty Post-Run Car Seat with Neatseat

Six months out of the running season (or more if you live in the south) runners find themselves dripping sweat from their hard won miles all over their shiny cars. Kinda gross. We’ve all tried the towel routine and know that they scrunch up - so why not try the simplest of solutions from an Austin runner who’s figured it out.

The couple behind Neatseat took real-world experience as athletes to create their "on the go" car seat cover set for people who lead active lifestyles - they are comfortable, functional, practical and durable. Even our local running friend Gilbert, leader of the Gazelles, is a fan!

Stop your loved one from sweating on their car, get them a Neatseat for just $20!

Protect Your Cherished Wedding Band with RingSafe

Our Austin story is a little more awkward. John misplaced his wedding band a mere three days after we returned from our honeymoon! Needless to say, we found out that 4 out of 10 men lose their wedding band and about half of them while doing sports.

If you know anyone who lifts, does a lot of yoga, plays golf or tennis or engages in any other fitness activity that might leave them wondering where to put their ring - RingSafe is the stocking stuffer for them this year. Backed by over 450 people on Kickstarter, it’s a proven product, but still early enough that your gift will be totally unique!

RingSafe Solo is available for $39.99 - worth it for the peace of mind!

Get in on it early - Cool Fitness Kickstarters!!

Lifting Is No Sweat with Sweet Fit Towels

If your buff giftee is lucky enough to go to a gym that gives them a towel, then you should be buying them nicer gifts:) For the rest of us, we loved seeing this new microfiber towel made with anti-microbial fibers to shield from unwanted gym germs.

The stretchy nylon backing fits comfortably and secure around any standard bench ensuring that the towel will never fall off and powerful magnet inside the towel allows you to hang it on lockers and even squat racks! If your fit person lifts - this is a surefire stocking stuffer to make them smile.

Back it for just $19 on Kickstarter through December 25th to get it early 2015

Ladies Stash Gear in Style with JogTog

JogTog says it’s the world's first workout wrap - which I trust. I don’t know how many times I’ve wrapped something around my waist hoping to ALSO hold my phone there - usually an epic fail. This fitness accessory for today's active women let’s you stay organized in style and comfort while getting fit. No matter your size or body type, just tie & go for added confidence, safety, and convenience.

Surprise your running lady with a pledge of $20 to get a JogTog by February

Wait a minute - these two Kickstarter products won’t arrive by the holidays! True. Having given ‘future’ gifts before, it’s pretty cool to print out an image and tell your loved on that they are a total innovator and will soon get their super cool gift. Trust me, it works!

Got any cool fitness gifts you’d like to share? Let us know and maybe we’ll tweet ‘em out!